Monday, December 02, 2013

Out of the mouths of pre-tweens...

Hi. Pushing gingerly through the stale cobwebs to peek out again, hoping there may still be some reader out there with good ideas to share.

So yesterday, Olivia, now seven and a half (!), announced her intention to have a little sister. It's been a couple of years since our last Big Discussion on this topic so I launched into a quick overview of how I'm too old and she loves her brothers and she has so many close friends that are like sisters... And then she said, "Fine, you're old, but I'm not and I want a sister, so why don't you just adopt!" And she said it with such a perfect eye-roll, hand on hip, what-EVER tone of could I not share that?

And while adoption is not something we're looking to pursue at this point, I am feeling a very strong and possibly selfish desire to get involved somehow in the lives of children. I'm looking for any advice someone might like to share on ways to have a direct impact, something more than a donation or data entry. I've thought about a couple of options--Big Sisters and CASA--but don't know anyone who has participated in either one. Do you? Or have you helped some other way that you'd recommend to someone without much exposure or background but a fair amount of enthusiasm?