Monday, May 02, 2011

Show & Tell

We told the kids a few days ago. It was getting hard to keep it from them--they wondered why I was always sick, why I stopped making dinner, why I couldn't pick them up, and why--why--is your belly so big, Mommy?

Olivia cried bitterly for half an hour upon learning that it was not to be a little sister, but rebounded with a cheerful conclusion that I "will have this baby boy and then another girl afterward." I have yet to fully disabuse her of the unfounded hope as it's currently helping to keep the peace, but if I am certain of one thing, it is this: Whatever the outcome, we are done. This is absolutely, unquestionably my last pregnancy. Done.

I look about five months' pregnant here at the 14-week mark. (Way to keep your shape, abdominals.) Which means I've had to come clean to everyone at work. Until recently, several of them apparently thought I was on chemo due to all the puking and my lovely gray-green hue. (Ah, just dawned on me that this explains the concerned looks and the recurring advice that I should "go home early" to "spend time with the family.")

Aside from the hyperemesis, this pregnancy seems to be going well. Had a scare on Friday--minor contractions that lasted about two hours but went away after lying down and drinking a week's worth of water. No return, no bleeding. No movement yet, either, which makes me vaguely nervous, but I know it's still pretty early and the position of the placenta can affect things.

Hoping for reassurance at tomorrow's OB appointment. I actively dread the thought of having to un-tell all of these virtual strangers, much less the kids.


Anonymous Jen said...

I like Olivia's optimism! Good luck at your appointment. :)

6:08 AM  
Blogger jill said...

At this point you could be feeling movement and then not for a few days, and be totally freaking out- so I think it may be better to just not be feeling anything yet.

And yeah, you gotta love the way the old uterus recognizes a pregnancy and just expands immediately. Good luck tomorrow.

6:41 AM  

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