Sunday, October 03, 2010

Normal for me

Perky PA was right on two fronts--I really needed antibiotics (my god, how quickly they worked and how much better I feel), and my thyroid was whacked out. Fortunately, it does not appear to be cancerous--the good lady who performed the ultrasound said that, while she's not a doctor, it looked typical for someone with Hashimoto's, and though it's a little lumpy on the left, she would not be concerned. Apparently, having a "long, skinny neck" makes the lumps seem more pronounced, at least to the inexperienced. She correctly predicted that my blood work would come back with high TSH, which it did--7.4--while the PA had incorrectly assumed hyper. Score two for the tech.

Last year at this time, I was hyperthyroid at .024. On a dose lowered by less than 50 mcg per week, how did I get to 7.4? It is a mystery, and one that all parties agreed cannot be explained by a very short-lived pregnancy.

On the other hand, a few things do start to make sense: the long, brown strands of hair that I leave like a breadcrumb trail wherever I go; the increase in melancholy and decrease in anxiety; the reduced appetite.

I am oddly loath to fix it, though. I actually feel better when I'm hypo than when I'm hyper--I sleep better, I do not have heart palpitations, I do not torment myself as often with pointless worrying, and--in a sop to my vanity--I lose weight. (I know this seems odd, and for most people goes the other direction, but my weight is tied almost entirely to my appetite--when I'm hyper, I can't seem to eat enough; when I'm hypo, I have to remind myself to eat. The increased metabolism of hyper is apparently not enough to counteract the fact that I have no willpower and can't stop eating when I'm hungry.) And while I may be a little down, I'll take that over anxious any day.

I will, like a good girl, try to get back towoard the higher end of the "optimal" .5 to 2.5 range (which always felt a little hyper to me), and I'll see my endocrinologist as scheduled, but I'm starting to wonder if being slightly hypo is really what's best for me. With reproduction no longer a real consideration, is there much of a downside?

p.s. Still no bleeding. Getting very sick of waiting.


Blogger Cricket said...

Hi - it's been a while. We each stopped blogging at different times.

I must comment about the thyroid bit. This fall marks five years since I was diagnosed hypothyroid. I have found it impossible to control and have had thyroxine overdoses at least a half dozen times, sometimes for months without knowing. I lose weight, then gain it paradoxically on a higher dosage. I am highly irritable; I say the most inane things; I am so sluggish. My skin and scalp break out. I am tired of the various symptoms.

My doctor kept wanting to pep me up and get the weight off. I am finding it impossible and they think I'm a hypochondriac with my complaints. I am finding hypo suits me better emotionally. I did best on Armour, but of course that's gone and I had to start over.

Anyway, as you well know, you're not alone. Right now, I am alternating 50/75 Levoxyl. It's not perfect, but coming off of 75 I was the happiest I'd been in a long time, then I bottomed out on 50 alone. Yeah, I self-medicate after all this. Have to.

Take care.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Alexicographer said...

I was thinking about the, and a couple quick thoughts. One, have you ever been tested for thyroid antibodies? They are the most common cause of thyroid problems and can cause either hyper or hypo or bouncing back and forth between the two, as the thyroid kicks into overdrive in response to their attack but then gradually loses its function (so as I understand it, hypo is the long-term outcome, but until the gland suffers enough to slow down or shut off permanently, bouncing around is common).

And, have you ever seen an endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid issues? Because honestly (and based on having tried both approaches) I'd no more ask a GP to treat my thyroid than I'd ask an OB (or a GP) to treat my infertility. In case it may be of use, I found my thyroid doc (whom I adore) using this website:

Standard disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, even if I do sometimes play one on the internet.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Alexicographer said...

Sigh. Comment above should of course read, "I was thinking about the thyroid issues," not "I was thinking about the." Not only am I not a doctor, I'm not a copy editor or even a proofreader, clearly.

7:35 AM  

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