Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unexpected Position

On Friday night, buoyed by your comments of test, test, test!, I thought I was firmly decided and fully expected to visit the local vampires for a blood draw the next afternoon. When I mentioned as much to Jeff, he thought about it for a minute, asked a couple of rather astute questions, and said he didn't think I should. That it wouldn't really change anything we're doing. And he's pretty much right.

So we're going to give it another cycle or two and then talk through the pros and cons again. As Kath suggested, I might have a better handle on things then; at any rate, I hope so.

In completely unrelated news, Olivia went to her first real birthday party yesterday. The girls in attendance were mostly big kids of six or seven and generally ignored her. Then, this one girl, whom we had never met before, saw that Olivia was sad and proceeded to take her by the hand, dress her up in princess finery and spend the better part of two hours playing solely with her. This little girl's brother, aged three and a half, shared all of his Cars cars with Josh and didn't complain even when Josh grabbed them all up--Chick, The King, Lighning, the whole lot--and made a break for it. What I want now is to figure out how to raise kids just like that, instead of the jealous and competitive lot I've got.


Blogger Bittermama said...

Waiting sounds like a reasonable plan. There's always next month or a few months from now, so no need to rush into it if you're not sure you want the info.

And I've totally experienced that "I want THOSE kind of kids" feeling before.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Jericho said...

Bittermama is right---you don't have to rush. When you're both ready to try again.

And I'm sure your kiddos aren't THAT bad ;)

2:18 PM  

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