Friday, September 12, 2008

Did I mention that the sky is blue?

Today is one of those days that just begs to be shared with nice people and your favorite beer. It's Friday, the weather is mild and pleasant, the canna lillies are in bloom (bright orange! Bright red!), Olivia hugged her brother without prompting and I managed to hold my own in the fast lane of our local pool for four whole laps. (To be fair, the fast lane of our local pool is not precisely fast. It would, I am fairly certain, be the medium lane in any pool that was not primarily frequented by the brown-and-leathery over-sixty set. But still! I am not all that far from AARP membership myself, so I feel rather chuffed.)

I'm starting to get a few daily whiffs of energy and optimism. I'm guessing that it might have to do with the fact that Josh started sleeping through the night right after he mastered walking last month. I have also decided to stop blaming myself for his first 10.5 months of bad sleep--something I had regularly beat myself up over, lo these last six or seven months. Seems to me that Josh and Olivia were both just naturally opposed to sleep till they hit that same age, and that there wasn't a good goddamned thing I could have done about it. Funny how getting a little sleep allows me to stop blaming myself for the kids not getting any sleep. Sleeplessness is a cruel dictator.

Speaking of cruel dictators, time is just such another, especially when it comes to the sour wrinkles and age spots on my rapidly deteriorating skin. I'm guessing the sun and chlorine are not exactly helping me turn back the clock, but I have a small dilemma: every form of waterproof sun block I've tried causes me to break out in full-on fourteen-year-old-boy zits. I've tried all the hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, oil-free options I can find in Target, but still the zits. If any Wise Internet has a recommendation, please take pity on me and my deepening brow furrows.