Tuesday, April 01, 2008


A life-long friend, always Mary to my Half-Pint, the one friend my sister and I shared willingly over the years and who is still among the people I am closest to in the world, informed me a few days ago that she is eleven weeks' pregnant with her first donor egg cycle. This friend who means so much to me, who shared in my infertility struggles, knew all along that she would not be able to have biological children, knew she would have to go down the road even further than I, but never said a word. She comforted me, cheered me on and took joy in my success without a hint of frustration or jealousy.

I don't think I really understood selflessness until the babies came, and then it seemed like the overriding requirement, and the highest hurdle. But Suz, my good, kind friend, you are already there--you've mastered the hardest part of motherhood.