Friday, March 07, 2008

And then there was none

Has your milk ever taken a holiday? Just decided to kick off its pointy heels (its pointy shields?) and head to the a B&B on the coast for some relaxation and a good book?

Mine took off for parts unknown for one entire workday on Wednesday, one ten-hour workday in which I pumped for two hours and got about six drops of bluish, watery milk. It came back to work on Thursday but its mind was clearly still on the B&B's fluffy goose-down pillows, and maybe those crumbly cranberry-hazelnut scones. Its continuing lack of focus and productivity will be noted in its semi-annual review. Frankly, I question its dedication to the position.

Why? Why does this happen? The pediatric nurse practitioner, when I queried her today at Josh's five-month appointment, asked if I was getting enough sleep. (Lady, what do you think? I have an infant and a toddler and a career. Take a guess.) Her recommendation was to drink tea.

Now, I love her to pieces (for a whole variety of reasons that I would like to think are the just appreciation of her kind and attentive nature but probably have more to do with the fact that she always tells me that my babies are doing wonderfully and are so beautiful, even if I know she says that to every parent) but, really, tea? Is that the best we can come up with?

There's no real point to this. I know, I disappear for weeks at a time and then come back with something this mundane, but it's really got my goat. On that note, baaaa! (Or is that a sheep? I can never remember.)

I want a mini-break, too. And maybe a scone.