Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This thirty-second timeout sponsored by the good people at Yahoo! Real Estate

Because I should be concentrating on the dozens of pages of validated test scripts I must run today. Because my milk supply is dwindling. Because I must find, and subsidize, a new apartment for my lunatic mother. Becuase I must find, and wholly pay for, a Silicon Valley daycare provider for my infant girl. Because I must find, pay for and manage an interior painter to fix our peeling plaster and the water damage in our laundry closet, an exterior painter to pressure-spray our house, a gardening service to pretty up our overgrown yard. Because I have servers to upgrade, yoga to do, an hour to drive and dinner to make. Because I have a fantastic daughter to rush home to.

Because of these things--these useful and important things that I should be doing instead--I am fruitlessly engrossed in Yahoo! Real Estate, imagining our furniture in houses that are entirely out of our price range.

Why do I do this? Why? Why?


Anonymous Megan said...

I totally understand - when my 4-month old twins finally fall asleep at night, I somehow end up looking at rental villas for future vacations that may never take place. It's just escape, pure and simple! Good luck with the challenges (and joys).

7:43 PM  
Blogger Anna H. said...

Well, it *could* be procrastination, but I'd like to think that deep down inside, you are planning to return to Socal and move in next door to me so Olivia will spend August mornings with the dogs picking dewy figs off the tree while we drink our coffee the rocker.

Pretty please?


10:35 AM  
Anonymous Menita said...

LOL - I've been websurfing for the RETIREMENT home of my dreams : )

3:59 PM  

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