Saturday, February 26, 2005

Jeebus Cripes*

What was I saying? Oh, yes: Jeebus Cripes. Got a call from Freedom Pharmacy a few hours ago and am starting to doubt whether I heard them correctly. Could it really be eleven vials of Follistim and six of Gonal-F? And why again am I getting both? And what were the other five items on the order? Oh...what was it...I'm supposed to mix one of them with something else, right? Maybe the Gonal-F gets mixed with the Repronex, and the Follistim gets poked in on its own? And which one in the morning, which one at night? But there were two at night...Lupron, maybe?...but that one starts that the one that goes in my thigh fat?...and what about the antibiotics?...oh, Jeebus Cripes, I'd better call the IVF coordinator and get it all figured out. Or maybe open the big orange folder where she put the instructions and the calendar.

But I can't open the folder yet. Fearful of the folder. Scary forms to sign; what to do with frozen bits if I die, dangers of organs being damaged by drugs...not ready yet. Maybe after some beer. Can drink beer this week. Highlight of week. Can you sense brain rot caused by fear of the folder?


*Whichever of you beautiful bloggers came up with the above phrase, please know that I worship it and use it in every other sentence, i.e. Jeebus Cripes, J., did you drink up all the Lactaid again? Hope you don't mind the blatant plagiarism and will consider it, instead, the sincerest form of flattery.


Blogger Suz said...

I was wondering when you'd be getting started! I'm really glad that we didn't have a scary folder; if we did, the lupron would probably be still sitting on the table unopened.

I made a chart with all the dates and drugs on it. Since I'm a visual person, it really helped. I know that if I can get through it, you definately can.

As far as the beer goes, I have all the expertise of three lupron shots to go on, but it does have the same effect of Mary Poppin's proverbial spoonful of sugar.

I do know that you can do this and am pulling for you all the way!!

7:15 PM  
Blogger Ollie said...

CRRRRRRRRRRRRIPES! Ok, I am actually shivering right now. I am sure I'm helping a lot, huh?

Let me try this again: You're gonna do GREAT. You will get this figured out and the follicle count will be stellar.

Beer, beer, beer!

5:00 AM  
Anonymous deborah said...

I've heard that beer does a follicle good. But what the hell do I know? I'm fertilizing my own with vodka and wine.

6:59 AM  
Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Great Gravy! The pharmacists should be BUYING you beer. You're a Pharmacist's dream ... and apparently The Human Pincushion.

Ugh. so sorry Bugs. I wish I lived closer I'd definately spring for a six-pack.


7:15 AM  
Blogger Cass said...

I think whatever makes you able to open the folder is a good thing - chocolate? A foot rub? Beer? Whatever you need to do, hon.

Jeebus Cripes and Great Gravy indeed. (And now I'm going to try to use both of these fine phrases tomorrow. Perhaps at the new clinic, when I'm sure something will warrant an exclamation such as these!)

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Day said...

Oh how I hate that folder. Beer should help. And I'm with Suz - charting out the whole thing on a calendar helped me a lot too. Take one shot at a time, one day at a time, and before you know it you'll be doing the happy follie dance.

5:08 AM  
Blogger amyesq said...

Embrace the folder! First embrace the beer (preferably micro-brewed to a nice, high alcohol content) and then embrace the folder! And let us know what it says.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous OvuOpt said...

Perhaps a little exposure therapy is in order? Start by looking at the folder, sip beer, open the folder but Don't Read!, sip beer, peruse first page ONLY, Lindt truffle...and that's enough for tonight.

But, really, you're going to be great, babes. C'mon follies, get 'a goin'!

1:41 AM  

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