Friday, February 11, 2005

Is it just a coincidence that Monday is Valentine's?

Apologies. You guys have been more supportive than my favorite jog bra, and I'm not trying to leave anyone in suspense. Well, that's a lie. I guess I am trying to leave myself in suspense, or clinging to the edges of it, anyway. Double apologies.

The call never came, which I'm assuming means that the lab didn't get the results to Dr. Meow before closing. Which means I might hear on Valentine's, the Day of Perpetual Horror Monday. By then, well, the chances are pretty good that The Red Tide will have delivered its first tsunami-like blow. Or not--my cycles are not perfectly regular, but the LP's are usually long, and I'll only be 17 DPO on Monday, which is at the outer limit for me.

Sure, I could pee on a stick, and if I was hopeful at all, I might be driven to do it. But as I still feel so profoundly not pregnant, and since that Sea of White is even harder for me than the subsequent Sea of Red, I don't think I will. So, I may remain in that state of suspense till Monday. Or not, depending on how enthusiastically my uterus wants to shed its thick winter coat in preparation for spring. (Which is in full swing here, by the way. Now is the season when our good friends The Environmental Allergens move on from mold and mildew to the entire California pollen spectrum.)

To pass the time as we sneeze and wait, J. and I are wagering on whether The Call or The Tide will arrive first. J., trying so hard to be positive, is a staunch financial supporter of The Call. I, however, have five bucks and a blow job riding on The Tide. Now that's confidence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting with you - hoping the news is good.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Kath said...

The tide and a blow job. Why put yourself through it!

12:42 AM  
Blogger MsPrufrock said... we're not the only ones that make bets like that...unless you're kidding, in which case, oops.

2:44 AM  
Blogger Ollie said...

Well, then.. May your husband get a blowjob! I don't think I've ever said that before...

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Deborah said...

Normally I wouldn't root against you, but here's hoping you lose that bet.

5:00 AM  
Blogger E. said...

Please, please, please let this be an uncharacteristically good valentine's for you.


8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he's one happy man on Monday

8:03 AM  
Blogger Pamplemousse said...

OK so how do we make it to Monday?? I suggest you better start limbering up with some tongue exercises hahaha!

9:29 AM  
Blogger Tiff said...

May you BOTH have a Great Valentines Day! If ya know what I mean

12:25 PM  

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