Monday, November 15, 2004

Blood and testicles

Things accomplished today: O+7 blood draw to check progesterone and a few other things including, on a whim, HIV status. Ugh: The Test of Terror from my youth; not quite so intimidating after eight years of unquestioned monogamy and good health. Still, it's fun, fun, fun to play out the worst-case scenario in my head. Like with the mountain lion.

Also today, found urologist and got appointment for J. on Friday. I may insist on accompanying J. as he is having a hard time grasping the details his own sperm. He still thinks his poor morphology means that we will have a baby with two tails and a dorsal fin, but, with his characteristic optimism, he is looking on the bright side and making plans for professional swim instruction.

Ah, must not forget most important accomplishment: fitting two spanikopitas, a green salad, an entire sourdough walnut levain, a wheel of double-cream gouda, a loaf of cherry-chocolate pound cake and a half gallon of mocha almond fudge (reduced fat!) into my petite and ladylike gullet. Perhaps I exaggerate just a tech. A teeny tech.


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