Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Today, I am looking for signs that I have ovulated. Two days ago, I was looking for signs that I was about to ovulate. Three weeks ago, I looked for signs that I was pregnant. A week from now, I will be looking for signs of implantation.

Every day, I am examining some new signal, some new twinge, some new piece of information. I have become a seeker of signs, of talismans that the future will play out as I would wish. (But I am not a believer. I do not seek signs in the metaphysical, in astrology, in god; the signs I look for are more straightforward and simple.)

Tonight, after the debate, I will look for signs that John Kerry will win. I will look to the polls, the op/ed pieces, the expert arguments for signs.

Speaking of which, my allotted ten minutes are up--a definite sign that I should get back to calling the swing state volunteers. You know the most common question I get from them?

"I placed a request weeks ago: where are my signs?"


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