Monday, September 13, 2004

Death March

I have had four OPK positives so far this month. And one that probably should have counted but I decided I didn't want five plusses so I threw the palest in the negative pile.

These are Answer OPK's, two separate boxes. I used most of one last month and got all positives, so I figured it was a bad batch. Tried the second box this month. So many, many purple lines.

For the first few cycles I looked upon my occasional purple lines with pleasure: Darling, it's time! Let's make a baby!

A silk nightgown, a glass of wine, any sexy cliche and we were on our way.

Little by little, the sheen of our lovemaking (god, I hate that word--such a pretentious thing) has tarnished, almost imperceptibly at first, but noticeably. The enthusiasm, the surprise are waning, replaced by a kind of...dullness. And repetition. And more repetition.

And so to this month. What, exactly, does one do with four positive OPK's in five days? Well, one begins the march. Left...left...left, right, left. Wake up, honey, we really need to.... Left...left...left, right, left. Sorry, love, we really should.... Left...left... left, right, left. Umm, sweetness, I think we have at least another day to.... Left...left...left, right, left. OK, it can't really go much longer, I think....


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