Wednesday, June 16, 2004

What to do, what to do? And does it even matter?

J and I leave on July 8th for the vacation of our dreams. Well, the vacation of my dreams and Jeff's occasional nightmares--it's a road trip, and, clearly, J is not the ideal candidate for a road trip. In addition to his neurotic, slow driving, he is a bad, bad passenger, the complicit victim of motion sickness. (I say complicit because I am almost certain he brings it on himself with his melodramatic worrying.)

The dilemma is this: Do we even try for a baby this month? Would I, perhaps, be the one wanting to vomit on the side of some scenic highway if pigs flew and I got pregnant? Would I be tough enough to hike the back-country trails of Yellowstone with sore tits, a hyperactive bladder and the infamous pregnancy lethargy?

It probably won't matter whether we try or not, since trying hasn't worked any of the last ten cycles. Perhaps it's overly optimistic to give it even a moment's concern. I may have to take this to the insightful Barren Mare ( and get her thoughts on taking a month off (perhaps Ms. Mare and I will be raising tequila shots in concert this cycle--the one advantage to knowing you're not pregnant during the two week death march. I mean luteal phase.).

What do you think? Opinions, anyone?


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